Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday Party

I'm ba-ack!

This weekend was BUSY!! I had parent teacher interview with my eldests teachers, and it wasn't good. She's very behind in her math, and her math binder is so disorganized that she's done 2 of the assignments twice. So we got the binder organized, and got her down to business and all caught up, phew!! The interviews with my step kids were much better, both are doing well, and Alyia is adjusting to kindergarten very well, even if she can't remember most of the kids names LOL!

Sat Adaira had her 11th B-day party which was a sleep-over, or rather a no sleep over. The girls were up allnight chatting and giggling as only a gaggle of pre-teen girls can. I always make a fun cake for the kids and this year I did a switch a roo for the 11th, the main course wasa 2 layer meatloaf which i frosted with mashed potatoes and filled with cheese. I even wrote happy birthday on top in ketchup and told the girls that we were having cake first since 11 is the same forwards and back. They were pretty impressed with this turn of events and then were amused when it ended up being meatloaf. The dessert I made was a 3 layer cke made to look like a hamburger, the middle layer was left un frosted as the patty and the filling was coloured icing as the cheese, relish and mayo and strawberry jam as ketchup, I used almond slices as the sesanme seeds on the top "bun" too.

Last night we did a bit of shopping and then i decided to try playing with polymer clay again. I made a couple warped faces and an eye cane that I rolled a bit wrong and the iris is not really round. I dunno how long it took Elaine to figure this all out, but I know it won't come quickly either.

I'll get better with more practice, and now that i am done with craft show season I might concentrate more this winter on learning the how to's.


Elaine @ said...

It took a Elaine a LONG TIME to figure it all out! But it's some fun learning :) And your first faces look better than mine.

Cindys Creative Crochet said...

Thanks Elaine!