Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have a new Niece!! And a frustrating daughter :(

May 18 2009 my brothers wife had to have a C-section delivery to bring ino this world my adorable neice! Ilainna Lee at a weight of 9 lbs 3 oz ( did you read about the C-section?) and 22 inches long with a mop of dark glossy hair! I am so excited, I have 4 nephews and now finally a girl!! I totally love being an auntie, and Ilainnas big brother Logan is a totally sweetie at age 3 you never can be sure what he might say next! On my husbands side we have twins 4 yr old Izak and Aiden and their little brother Keane age 1, who are in another province, and so I am missing out on seeing them very often.
So that's the happy for the week. Now for the frustrating.
As you know my 11 yr old (Seen with new cousin) is having a terrible time with her diabetes. When we went to see Ilainna, Adaira was also getting a blood test done, and the results were bad. Very bad. So this fri I am taking back up to the city hospital for a weekend of observation and monitoring. And likely a bunch of people who will not be thinking that I know what or how to handle her diabetes. Last time when they tested this knowledge Adaira left them speachless with how adept she is at it. In addition this weekend my other kids are supposed to go to scout camp, and my husband is the leader and in charge of the whole thing. so lots of figuring out was done tonight on how to manage this. And i must say juggling scedules with your X-in laws is never fun, interesting, but not so much in the good times department. But her good friend lives in said city so maybe it won't be as boring this time, being a weekend when they might be able to come in to see her. Lucky for me my craft is very portable so i will be working on more tab purse orders, and a wire necklace idea. I can't keep my hands still, for long without them twitching for a hook :)
Anyway that's my world for this week! With all these ups and downs I hope i don't get motion sick!

Friday, May 15, 2009

For the love of poptabs

So I made a purse a few months ago crocheting poptabs together (takes 110) . Well lately everytime I leave the house I am getting comments on it, (yay) So I am passing out tons of business cards! I have orders for 2 of them on the go and 2 other people collecting tabs and deciding on colour. Who knew this would be the most popular item of all the wonderful things I have crocheted! I'd have thought wire crochet would be more interesting than a purse, what do I know. Once done the orders, I will be making a bunch of mini purses and or wallets for craft shows. I can take orders on them from there. A full purse takes me almost a week to complete, so making some in colours that might not sell isn't the best plan, in my oh so humble opinion anyway :) I can always just display my purse and show pics of the completed ones, for purse orders.

This week I made a cat collar with poptabs too, I wonder if it will also be popular? I can hope they will be, but will hold off on making more until I know thay are popular. Maybe putting the jewelry aside for a bit will help the creative juices flow better? I guess I will have to wait and see. Licorice was a gracious model here.