Monday, November 10, 2008


This past weekend I made the journey to Calgary (5 hr drive) To do a craft sale with Elaine of Tooaquarius. Sadly the show was poorly managed and co-ordinated. The information I got on the show was to expect thousands of people, 2 fireplaces would be lit, a Canadian idol singer would perform at some point and so on.
Ok there were VERY few people there at all. I always bring my beads, wire and hooks, and a good thing or i would have collapsed of boredom. I actually left with MORE inventory than what I arrived with. So i don't have to make anything for next weeks show in Eastend. Elaines beads are an awesome distraction for any jewelry maker, and i made some lovelies with my time. Will post pics later, honest!!
The show manager forgot 2 of the vendors, and so the fireplaces were blocked to make room forthe overbooked show. which also meant we were crowded in . The singer never arrived either. Also glad I brought lighting, it was rather dim in the room we were in.

So show wise it stank. But I got to have a good visit with a friend, our daughters who are also good friends got to spend 2 days, and 1 night together. (my hubby watched them at his brothers house during the day and the girls had a sleepover at E's.) And I got to play with a bunch of fabulous beads. I'll be postings pictures later. And we got to eat at some wonderful places. If you are ever in Calgary and want a fab breakfast go to Coras! OMG the crepes are HUGE and are the most yummy crepes i have ever had! So there is was the good the bad and the yummy.

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