Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lost & found and trying again

Ok so it's been a year and a half since I posted anything in here. Shame on me, I know I know. So even if I have no photos loaded and ready I am going to try to post what my day was like every day and see if it's helpful to me.
This morning Rick made me one of his amazing western omeletes for breakfast. Chloe, a friend of Adairas and daughter of one of my friends was picked up from the sleepover. Got all the kids ready to go and off to church. Holy snow, we got several inches of the white stuff dumped overnight, so Rick shovelled as Adaira was grumpy, and he didn't feel like dealing with her. After church we went home and had a quick lunch then Braydon and Rick went off to  curling. Adaira and Kaylen went out to remove all the posters from trying to find the kitten a home. Adaira then decided to name him Miko after much discussion and thought.  I finished a black and white jewelry set, and got my tax stuff out for Rick. We discovered that my papers are in horrible condition, and I need to keep better track of when I do shows, the fees and how much I make at each. Like really really badly done. I can't find anything anywhere for anything.

Kids go back to school after a week off tomorrow. So all the fun of prepping the little mosters. And now I need to make supper.