Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am sure Saskatchewan is listed as semi-desert region, with a low preciptation rate, and warm springs.  However, it has been the wettest, rainiest, coldest spring I can remember. And it's darn windy even for us. the few hours the sky takes a break the kids all rush out to the park or pounce and bounce on the trampoline.  The lilac bushes are starting to bloom, and the dandelions are running rampant, during the rare sunny day it looks like spring here. Oh well complaints won't get me anywhere, at least it smells nice when it rains.  The long stroll to the Tues meeting today might not be pleasant or even happen, which sucks. Off to teach two boys I babysit (age 4 and 6) how to speak and use manners. wish me luck, pray for patience.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk

Today the whole family, all 7 of us ventured out for a 1.5 mile walk in the pouring rain. Why on Earth would we do that?  A very imporatant cause, the 1st annual Juvenile Diabetes research Foundation walk.  Our family named ourselves Adairas Strange Striders. Our goal was $1000.00. Let me just say our family and friends ROCK OUT LOUD!! We raised $3075.00!!! oh yeah, that was 1/6 of the total brought in. Huge thanks to Erik The Viking (ETV) who donated a huge huge amount that almost made me cry, Ricks office matched all the donations made by Ricks co-workers, which proves that Stark and Marsh chartered accounting is the best accounting firm ever, just so you know.
They had bounce houses set up inside the rec center for all the kids, which was great. And a barbeque lunch before the walk. After the walk there was a brief space and then another barbeque supper and an information meeting for parents and type 1 adults. Seems like everyone is going for the insulin pumps, we might have to talk to Adaira about that.
On the diabetes and Adaira subject...  We met in Saskatoon last fri with Dr. Best, the pediatric endocrinologist, and after 2 years of hell, he thinks maybe she's getting too much insulin, so he reduced it drastically and this week she's been pretty good save the morning she was so tired she forgot to take any insulin. (we later discovered midnight DSI play to blame for the tiredness)

In other news I finished the shell of the mega tab purse, and the necklace orederd from the home party, and the million bead custom order necklace as well. My challenge theme was Earth on artfire this time and
Here is my bracelet:

So that's how it's been. I'll try to blog more often, honest!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BUSY week, orders illness, dentists oh my!

Wow has it been busy around here! Lets begin with the bad news shall we?:

1)Adaira is STILL sick, missed all last week of school, and is still home today, Tues. Sadly we found juice boxes downstairs as the culprit this time. How does one convince someone else not to self-destruct? And she isn't a teen yet, OMG what will the future look like if this is 12!!
2)The rain hasn't stopped and today it is also snowing, changing between the 2 off and on all day. The weather is nice for all the farmers, but it is a bit wearing on the mood around here.
3)Took Kaylen to the dentist this morning, and her teeth are excellent, ecept one must have cracked at some point and was rotten, her molars have deep, deep crinkles, naturally and needed caps. So I was thinking maybe it'll be a week or more. Nope thay had a cancelation in an hour, so we had lunch and were reading a magazine when they called us in a little over 1/2 an hour later. she got the caps on and had the tooth pulled. But then we couldn't get ahold of our ride home!! Luckily/sadly my teacher friend Jackie had the day off due to a bomb threat.
4) as we waited for Jackie, my phone rang. My son Geran is throwing up at school. So my afternoon has 2 sick kids and 1 with a sore mouth. I have a small pharmacy of meds here.
5)This is the second week I have missed my makers meetings!!

Ok and now the GOOD news:

1)I start babysitting tomorrow for $! friend Jaime has had me booked to sit for when she found a job, and she starts tomorrow. I only get the kids in the morning, and a bit of late afternoon as they go to pre school and kindergarten in the afternoons.
2)Tax season is over!! I get my husband back, and am no longer a "tax widow", ahh a 2 parent home.
3)The lady I re-made the bracelet for a few weeks ago wants a matching necklace. And is happy to wait until I go to the city next week where I can find the right bead mix I used.
4 and 5) I did my first home show at my husbands friends place this weekend, and did rather well, I had a lot of stuff on the sale rack, but people still bought a fair amount of new stuff, including some of the flower sets I made with Elaines beautiful beads. One lady bought a lot and custom ordered a can tab purse, a necklace , and a can tab tank top. The top I have never made, the possibility came up in conversation. 

                                                                                                                                                           6) Another friend ordered a purse from me. No rush as she has to save up for it.
7) I think I can be ready for the bellydance performance in June after all.
8)I finished a new style purse in a gorgeous coloured verigated aqua green cotton.

So I have a lot of orders to fill, and a job.This calls for chocolate!! 

Saturday, May 1, 2010


An update:
It has been raining or snowing every day this week and:
Adaira was in hospital from mon to Wed. we think this time was due to an infected scrape on her foot. Diabetes sucks.
Thurs April 29  My 37th birthday . mom and dad came in and we went for supper. Adaira got sick again, but not hospitalized. Kaylen and Geran complained about everything at the restaurant, it was chinese food, what's not to like?! Finally we went back home for cake. Mom made me a strawberry shortcake.  Then they left and we put kids to bed. Jackie and her DD Schelby came over for a bit, then I noticed I lost one of the earrings I juat made with Elaines amazing flower beads. finally bedtime. YES I felt older by days end.
Fri April 30 I was supposed to do a flea market sale, and planned to put my old stock up on clearance prices. cancelled to be home with Adaira. Ends up it was a sucky sale anyway. I did make a bunch of jewelry with the rest of Elaines flower beads.
Sat May 1 the first day after tax season and I got my husband back. His 2 kids were supposed to come over, they are both sick and vommiting. So they couldn't come over for fear Adaira would become ill again. We are babysitting for a friend until 11 tonight. Trying to get ready for tomorrow, I volunteered to help with childrens church and in the evening I have my very first home show. I have no idea what I am doing for that, but we shall see tomorrow I guess. Hope it starts a better week, because I am exhausted.