Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Clay and new Kitty

Yesterday, Monday was a busy day. The morning was about cleaning a bit, The afternoon I went to my first polymer clay bead making class. And this is what I made:
I have made several swirled beads before, so that wasn't new, but making the canes for the flowers was new, and simpler, yet more time consuming to prep for than I thought. I was not expecting to come home with useable goodies, so that is/was an awesome thing. My flower cane is pretty good, but if I continue with it I'll need a lot of practice with the formed flowers (bottom of photo).
After class, since we have no kids until this evening my husband and I went for supper, and once we got home the people who are giving us their kitten decided to drop him off earlier than planned as he likes to escape when the doors are open to move boxes out.
So, here is our new kitten Lionblaze, or Blaze for short. Formerly known as Alvin.
As you can see he immediately helped Rick with the class he is taking...

And was curious about the camera.

And then napped on the crochet thread for my current project, and the project.
Lionblaze seems to have missed the "be aloof" part of the program and was eagsrly climbing all over us purring as only a kitten can. Unfortunately our 2 yr old crippled cat Licorice would be happier if the new kid would just go away and stop trying to be friends, it's not gonna happen.
Well when my 3 get home tonight from Grandmas I think a certain furball will be enthusiastically loved. Dunno if I should feel sorry for him or not!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today my daughter turned 9. so for the next month I have a 12 yr old, tow 9 yr olds and two 7 yr olds, none of them twins. My daughter and step son are exactly 11 months apart to the day, so for 1 month a year they are the same age. And my son and step daughter are just under 5 months apart, so they are the same age for 7 months a year.
I always make a special cake for the kids birthdays, and for todays I did a cute gummy bears at the beach scene/theme.

I cut out a section of the top cake layer and filled it with a mix of blue and green jello, and added gummy sharks. The floaty tubes are gummy peach rings and of course gummy bears. I used marzipan for the beach blankets, ball, sand pails and scoops. The sun shade is a small truffle paper on a toothpick with gummy pieces securing the cup. I used a tooth pick broken off to make the footprints in the sand. It was pretty fun to make, and the kids liked it too, jello AND cake!!

Tomorrow I take my first official polymer clay bead making class. Which is being  taught by my RL friend Elaine of   http://www.tooaquarius.com/ She has wanted to teach me for a few years, so this should be fun. Later in the week my 2 eldest daughters are taking classes from her as well on making critters. I may post about it tomorrow, IF I remember my camera. I am awful for forgetting it and wishing I had it.  I'll try to remember to put it in my back pack for tomorrow.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bowl full O fun!

Last Month at a family reunion I went to the local farmers market. There I found a couple of women spinning wool yarn at their display. I spotted this gorgeous purple wool, and brought it home. I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to make with it, it was just to gorgeous to leave there! After a couple weeks I decided to make a bowl with pulltabs, and expand my catalog of items I make with tabs. Perfect thing for the wool! So here is my first can tab bowl! I like how the verigation comes through in each row like I switched yarns. I think I might make a few more bowls, maybe slightly larger.

The second item I am chatting up is this fun pull tab purse. It's a custom order and each row is a different shade of green. I actually have over 16 different greens in my horde! Some shades are pretty similar, but side by side are different.  I tried making a button loop closure for under the flap, and I think it turned out pretty well ( small pic). I had my daughter model the bag for me, and you can see my messy studio in the background!
Anyway I am now making a blue bag in multiple shades, and after that I have a project to represent my hometown for a juried in art show this fall. I haven't done an "art" show before so this should be interesting to try!  More pics and progress when I complete them.

Monday, August 2, 2010

makin' stuff

I am still trying to create a little free-er, and more art inspired. This bracelet uses several fillet crocheted triangles in different sizes and metal colour, copper, gold, silver. Originally they were layered together as a pendant and earrings. I decided to attach them all together for this asymertical but geometric designed bracelet, after ripping apart a few older pieces that have been in my stock for a few years unsold. I kinda like this new design it's fun and funky and I hope this new direction will sell, time will tell right?

This is what the triangles  pendant and earrings looked like before. yeah my photography has improved a lot in that time too LOL!!
some of my new work is still similar but showing more of the crochet work, less simple chaining.
I am rather liking the lacy disks behind the beads look right now.
Currently I am working on a pull tab bowl using hand spun and dyed wool I got at a farmers market. I'll be sure to show that one off when I am done!