Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well craft show season is done for me this year. luckily I managed to end on a good note this time :) Just before we left for it got an etsy sale from someone who was grateful to me for a small bit of advice I gave in the forums about her headaches. Kindness matters folks.
So where was my last and best show? The tiny village of Eastend. Yup, I did better in the first 4 hours there than I did in any of the cities i went to this year. Last year I did phenomenally well there and this year it was still very good, but not as good as last year. So I was happy. The local woman who makes wonderful soaps was there, but she's not focusing as much on the soap anymore, I did get 1 though. I was kept busy enough that I only managed to make 1 item and a custom pair of tiny earrings. I will certainly be back next year. While I was selling my jewelry, the kids were with my mom on the farm, and had a lot of fun too. That night we had supper and cake for my eldests 11th B-day. And my 2 yr old nephew finally knows me, and now thinks i might be kinda fun to play with, YAY!!! I love being an Auntie.
About my daughter... I am so not ready for her to be so grown up yet! The week before she out grew all her pants/jeans save 1 pair, so we had to go shopping, it was our first shopping trip in ladies wear stores and not childrens. Wow, even with only buying sale items it was pricy. and again last night was reminded that she isn't so little anymore. She is in scouts and the group went swimming, according to the leaders wh are chummy with my husband she and a certain boy were prfectl content to be off on their own chatting, rather than with the group. O_O oh no!! NOT BOYS!! I realize I am likely panicking ridiculously, and such, but I don't want her to be growing up! I'm not old enough to have a daughter almst as tall as my mom with a budding chest... OK damn it, I guess I am, but I don't have to like it. Darn kids.

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