Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am officially done Christmas shopping!! Yay, woo-hoo!! and before the stores get insane too :)
This year I'm not giving near as many hand made items as I wanted to, I just didn't see anything at shows that I thought family would like, and anything good on etsy was big and too heavy to ship otr for me to afford to ship, which is even sadder. And the relates that I have given my jewelry to don't really wear it, so I dunno if it just isn't to their taste or if i missed what their style is somehow. Either way not this year, maybe next year I'll crochet up something for them, or birthday gifts.
So now i can concentrate on making a baby blanket for my new neice or nephew to come. I really hope my brother decided to give me a niece, I have 4 nephews, (1 from him and 3 on hubbies side.) but no nieces as yet.
Maybe I should catch up on laundry too..... sigh, it never ends with 5 kids.

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