Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am sure Saskatchewan is listed as semi-desert region, with a low preciptation rate, and warm springs.  However, it has been the wettest, rainiest, coldest spring I can remember. And it's darn windy even for us. the few hours the sky takes a break the kids all rush out to the park or pounce and bounce on the trampoline.  The lilac bushes are starting to bloom, and the dandelions are running rampant, during the rare sunny day it looks like spring here. Oh well complaints won't get me anywhere, at least it smells nice when it rains.  The long stroll to the Tues meeting today might not be pleasant or even happen, which sucks. Off to teach two boys I babysit (age 4 and 6) how to speak and use manners. wish me luck, pray for patience.

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