Saturday, May 1, 2010


An update:
It has been raining or snowing every day this week and:
Adaira was in hospital from mon to Wed. we think this time was due to an infected scrape on her foot. Diabetes sucks.
Thurs April 29  My 37th birthday . mom and dad came in and we went for supper. Adaira got sick again, but not hospitalized. Kaylen and Geran complained about everything at the restaurant, it was chinese food, what's not to like?! Finally we went back home for cake. Mom made me a strawberry shortcake.  Then they left and we put kids to bed. Jackie and her DD Schelby came over for a bit, then I noticed I lost one of the earrings I juat made with Elaines amazing flower beads. finally bedtime. YES I felt older by days end.
Fri April 30 I was supposed to do a flea market sale, and planned to put my old stock up on clearance prices. cancelled to be home with Adaira. Ends up it was a sucky sale anyway. I did make a bunch of jewelry with the rest of Elaines flower beads.
Sat May 1 the first day after tax season and I got my husband back. His 2 kids were supposed to come over, they are both sick and vommiting. So they couldn't come over for fear Adaira would become ill again. We are babysitting for a friend until 11 tonight. Trying to get ready for tomorrow, I volunteered to help with childrens church and in the evening I have my very first home show. I have no idea what I am doing for that, but we shall see tomorrow I guess. Hope it starts a better week, because I am exhausted.

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