Friday, June 4, 2010

Tab mania

I have been working on some interesting orders in the last few weeks.  The first is a large, large bag, about twice as long/deep as my usual bags, and it has a divider in the middle and 1 large pocket in each side. I used about 620 can tabs. My daughter at 5 ft 2 is my model.
The other project which is for the same customer is a tank top made of 744 can tabs. She wanted it unlined to wear over any other top. Luckily my daughter the model is the same size a ladies small. The top is a first for me, as far as can tab creations go. And humble as I sometimes am... I think it turned out really well!
The next item is a necklace I made for the creative challenge thread on artfire, the theme is/was wind. I used thicker wire to crochet the sodalite and blue lace agate into a bar, and then made a cute, whimsical red kite
to float into the sky. I may donate it to the kite festival this month.
So my next order is another black purse, I love the orders, but could wish they wanted some colour! after that I'm doing a green purse with all different shades of green, a nice change!


Elaine said...

I think the tank turned out pretty neat, it looks a lot like chainmail armour.

Customers often have the weirdest ideas...

Cindys Creative Crochet said...

Aww, thanks! People sometimes think my wire crochet looks like chainmail, so this might just confuse more people than I think!