Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ricks B-day

Monday was my husband Ricks 34th Birthday. As an accountant it is tax time so he only comes home in time to read mail and go to bed, even on his birthday and usually weekends.
I had to get groceries in the morning and forgot about Easter. How I could forget it I dunno. So I got more than I could carry which means no bus. I usually manage not being able to drive pretty well. So damn I am stuck, now what, can't call Rick, have NO $ for a cab. Jamie! Right she said she'd help if I got stuck. So she came and rescued me. I told her it was the mans B-day and she got an odd look, but I dismissed it as a "how did I forget that?" look. An hour later she texts saying she had a cake mix and is baking hima cake and plans to deliver it to the office. naturally I plan to tag along. She called the receptionists and told them, so they sent a message around and several people came to watch. just as we got in the door we saw him leaving the front, and thought he was gonna see us. nope, phew so we get ready and they called him down and ta-da! we embarrased him pretty well, had to sing "happy Birthday" and all that, and I wore his least fav shade of my brownigh lipstick, and smooched his forehead.
Later that night he said it was the highlight of his day. Apparently the files he had for the day were all difficult, and poorly organized. People, please organize your papers before they get to the accountant, it costs more the longer it takes to do.
Today I have hot meal day at the school with Kaylen and Geran and then off for a massage. Rick won a radio contest and got the massage but it expires before the end of tax season, so I get it, yay!!

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customdesigns4ubynan said...

Love the kiss on his forehead.