Monday, July 13, 2009

1 year

Wow yesterday was our first anniversary! Rick had won a gift certificate for a night in a jaccuzi suite and supper out. So we used it Sat night, and it was a blast! His kids are with their birth mother for the week and my kids are at grandma and grandpas farm for a few days. I am child less until Thurs. So what did we do for the big day? Well we went to church from the hotel. Cleaned out the camper, did several loads of laundry, cleared out the little girls room for the big renovation ( adding 300 square feet to the house) went out for supper, cleaned out the porch which was a ruin. yup perfectly romantic, that's us LOL! hard to believe it's been a year, sometimes it's "already!" and sometimes, "Only 1 year?" last year we just got the porch addition done in time for the wedding, this year we are barely begun another renovation... are we nuts? probably. is this the last renovation we plan? No. after this we are turning the boys room into a walk-in closet/storage room into our room. SIGH. Well with 5 kids and never ending renos we will never be bored! Happy Anniversary.

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