Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am feeling slightly frustrated just now and decided to drop everything and chill for a minute.

My first BIG craft show is in 3 days, so I am very busy trying to get ready. Hubby has called me 6 times today, "can U do this?, That? and don't forget to other thing" Kids had today off school, so it's been " M-O-O-om, can I do this, ot that, I'm hungry, why can't i eat a school snack now? I'm bored, and I need this that and some other stuff!" AHH, no, you are grounded again remember, then you should have eaten lunch, because I said so, you have an entire basement full of toys go play with them!

So it is now 5:00 I made 2 necklaces and matching earrings all day. Go me, I quit, not worth the effort. Now i get to find the step-kids stuff they need for tomorrow, and make sure all kids have clothes for the week, do the dishes, call the sitter, mend the sign that the kittens climbed (NOT happy) and TRY to get the damned sewing machine to hem my table cloth so I can iron it. make up a things I need to bring to the craft show list, and start packing said list up.

Why doesn't the laundry fairy visit my house?

Not the blog I wanted to post for the week, but there it is the life of a SAHM crafting addict.

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